RPL 5 man tournament at Camp Pendleton Paintball Park flyer.

Kings of Camp Pendleton is back!

Camp Pendleton Paintball Park’s invitation-only RPL event is back again to see who the best of the best are at the tournament park. For teams who are invited, there will be NO ENTRY FREE. That’s right, that means Free! But in order to play, you must be invited to compete for the title. Call 866-985-4932 or e-mail info@rpl.com if your team is interested.

RPL 2015: Kings of Camp Pendleton 5-Man Paintball Tournament

Entry Free: FREE – By Invitation Only

When: Sunday May 17th, 2015

Divisions: Novice (Less than 1 year tournament experience) and Amateur (no pro players)

Format: 5-Man Race to 4, No Coaching, 12.5 Balls per Second Ramping

Prizes: Custom “Kings of Camp Pendleton” T-Shirts, personalized with team name and event date

Paint Cost: Starting at $35 per Case

To Register: Call 866-985-4932 or e-mail info@rpl.com to find out how to get an invitation to compete!

Info for the RPL 5man tournament at Camp Pendleton Paintball Park