We have a very exciting event to announce! The Paintball Park is having a Hashtag Giveaway from December 18th to January 7th.

The rules are simple and the prizes value to a total of over $1000! This is definitely something you’ll want to participate in.

The giveaway is taking place for 3 weeks. Each week we will ask that participants post a certain photo on their social media accounts and use the hashtag #PaintTheHalls. REMEMBER, it is important that you use #PaintTheHalls so we are able to locate you on our social media sites and enter you for a chance to win. This giveaway will primarily be for Facebook and Instagram users. We will give 1 prize away each day for the full 3 weeks and in the last week we will present one lucky participant with GRAND PRIZE…but you will have to stay tuned to find out what it is.

Here is the schedule:

Dec. 18-24
Post a picture of you at our park and use #PaintTheHalls

Dec. 25-31
Post your favorite holiday family picture and use #PaintTheHalls

Jan 1-7
Repost an image (the image will be provided before that week by The Paintball Park), tag a friend and use #PaintTheHalls


These are the prizes:

1 FREE admission

1 FREE case of paint

FREE 2 for 1 rental package

Paintball gear

…and, of course, the GRAND PRIZE

The selected winner will receive one of these prizes and participants can enter the contest any day of the week. This event extends to all of our parks. So, if you’re seeing this, you can participate!